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"Thank you," Michael nodded to Jerry as he took the knife. "Now we gonna see how good this fucker is, and how tough these tires are." Michael brought the knife down on the tire. Hard.


"What the fuck?!" He didn't leave a dent in the tire, not a cut. "Mishap, I uhhh, aimed it wrong, yeah. Never, aaahh, never used a knife before to be honest." He brought it down again.


"Wha- why the-" Okay, this waas kind of ridiculous. There was no way Michael was this weak, he could totally cut this bitch. Just had to put a bit more effort. Maybe if he pressed the taser button while stabbing down.



... No, really, what the fuck? Wait, this knife. Michael pointed the knife towards his thumb. No way they'd pull this, no way he wouldn't have found out already. He casually pressed his thumb against the blade. Nothing happened as he slid it down. Not even a scratch or a drop of blood.

Michael did it again, holding his thumb against the taser button. One falsetto scream worthy of the Smooth Criminal himself later, and Michael had jumped back, looking at the knife. That's a way to wake yourself up, screw licking batteries...

Michael shook his head side to side, vocalizing with added adrenaline into his system. "Wububu, damn! That felt great..." He lied. That hurt like hell. Michael tossed the fake blade back to Jerry.

"Well, good news is, that shock is strong as fuck, but the bad news well..." He desperately tried playing off his stupidity, but it wasn't working as he had hoped. "The uhh, the knife part's a bit of false advertisin', shit."

Michael looked back to the tires, with no way to cut them, he wouldn't be able to make bitching armor. Welp, there goes his day.

"Guess I ain't gonna be Toecutter for the day, huh?"
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