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Maxim halted, mere feet away from the other door. Even going so far as to hold his own breath, which was proving to be not quite easy, given he was more than a little on edge, he tried to listen for any further noise coming from outside the room. Maybe he could tell whether or not the other person was approaching.

The voice had stopped shouting. Probably an indicator that whoever was there was now assuming to be alone. No footsteps either, just a muffled noise that was over too quickly for Maxim to determine what it was. Could it be, had the other boy left the building again? No, no, the last bit of noise he had heard clearly came from within the hallway. Maybe they had gone into one of the other rooms?

He couldn't be sure and if he was perfectly honest with himself, that was starting to annoy him. It was the same as with that idiot Ben earlier, the same as with those two girls back in the asylum: Maxim perching and cowering in his corner, trying to hide, like he was a rodent trying to get away from a snake. He had no idea what was truly going on, always remained passive.

It had kept him safe so far, kept him sure. But as he had understood while talking to Ben earlier, staying by himself was not an option in the long run. He had to try and find someone useful, someone both trustworthy and armed, in the best of cases. Though maybe one would have to do.

Maxim looked back at the door he was moving towards. It promised safety at least. But nothing else.

His glance wandered back to the door he came through. The more risky choice. But the outcome was potentially far more rewarding. As for the risk? He had to consider that the boy in question had announced his presence when entering. If he really harbored murderous intent, then why do that? It didn't add up, another thing that made him lean more towards trying to come into contact with said person. Then again, what if that was his plan though, lure people out like that, make them believe he was harmless?

Maxim lowered his head a bit, exhaling audibly. He knew he had made his choice already. The odds were in his favor or so he felt. Unless he was unlucky again. Like he always was. But doubts wouldn't get him anywhere.

Taking an insecure step at first, it took him another five seconds until he managed to convince himself to follow through with his plan. He strolled towards the open door, rubbing his neck for a moment. He had to stay calm, this would be fine. He wouldn't be the one running this time, he had control of this.

He stepped out of the doorframe, bit his lip, the turned his head towards where the exit was.
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