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Now they were all together. Jasper was glad they’d met up with her. He may not have been close with Coleen, but he was still happy to see a friendly face.

Well, a friendly but disheartened face. “Aw, dang, I gotcha. It’s been pretty rough out here.” Jasper sighed. Then his face lit up. “Don't worry though! Cause we can stick together now! And find more people!” Coleen could be another ally, another friend. They could find some of her friends, and Jasper’s friends, and maybe Henry’s and Arthur’s friends, too.

He envisioned such a large group of people. It would be fantastic! A bunch of friends who’d refuse to give into the terrorists, to slow this ‘game’ to a halt. Jasper remembered that if nobody died on a certain day, all their collars would be blown. It wasn’t a pleasant way to go (going wasn’t pleasant to begin with, of course), but at least they wouldn’t be killing each other.

As he thought, he watched Henry walk off as he yammered on about something or other. Jasper wasn’t too concerned about it until he broke into a sprint.

“What the- Henry?!” Jasper called after him. He looked at the other two, and then back at Henry. Where the hell was he going? Wherever he was headed, he was going out there alone.

And Jasper didn’t want to leave Henry, or anyone, alone.

He turned around and chased after him.

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