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i'm not upset
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"I don't watch t.v-" he managed to squeeze in, eyes closed and pinching the bridge of his nose.. He pulled his hands down his face, stretching the skin down giving him the appearance of an extra exaggerated frown.

"Girls don't fucking like me," he said emphatically, sticking his lower jaw out and pulling his lips over his teeth to create maximum old-man face. "Not that it matters anymore." Caleb released his face skin and he returned to normal.

He never tried that hard, mostly because he thought he would be rejected anyway. Though many times when people annoyed him at school and he lashed out with something nasty and impulsive. It was fine though, he always covered himself by saying "Remember, I, Andy Diamond, have just been a dick to you!" when people looked really pissed off.

Thankfully she moved on to the topic he'd asked about. He started thinking about maybe lighting up another cigarette, though getting the lighter catch would be a bitch up on the helipad.

"Too bad, it sounds like an interesting job," he said, sincerely. He put his arms up, stretching while looking at the pendant. He shrugged as if to agree that not having a mom sucked.

As if he were reading his mind she asked him for one of his cigarettes. He narrowed his eyes and sat up.

"This is for all intents and purposes the end of the world and these are all that make me even a little bit happy," he said patting his pocket. "Trade you," he said pulling out one cigarette with his thumb and pointer finger. He leaned forward. "For the sword."

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