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Ben waited a few more moments for an answer. Nothing. He frowned, the lump in his throat swelling in size. Someone should have heard that, if there was somebody inside.

Perhaps someone did, and simply decided not to answer. Or couldn't. Ben shivered, and took an involuntary step backwards. "Ok, calm", he thought. "Let's think for a moment.". He took a deep breath. If someone was inside, he was sure he'd be able to see them coming a mile away, and he had the open door at his back. If he had to run, he could. It was a bit dark with no lights on, but the light coming through the door behind him let him see quite a ways into the building. It was a straight and plain corridor, with doors on either side. Further down he saw what looked like a small lobby, with benches, and more corridor after that. The doors on either side were mostly closed, with a few being either ajar or open.

Ben waited a little longer as he took all this in. He still saw nobody. That left two options, he reasoned:

One: There was nobody here. Frankly, he thought this was the most likely option. His classmates wouldn't... well, none of his classmates he could think of (besides the obvious one) would want to kill him, and would have answered him by now. This option was infinitely preferable to...

Two: An ambush. Unlikely, but Ben had done enough roleplaying to know how effective an ambush could be. He imagined that they'd wait until he was past the door they were hiding behind and trap him in the corridor.

As unlikely as that seemed to Ben, he couldn't get the idea out of his mind. He swallowed, the lump now feeling like an orange that had gotten stuck in his throat. "Ok, it's ok", he tried reassuring himself. He didn't have to go down the corridor. He was looking for people, for a person, after all, and if there was nobody there, there was no reason to put himself at risk. No matter how small. An idea popped into his head. He didn't like it. There was a reason to go down the corridor. He wanted to survive, after all: live to see the end of the game, get rescued, escape, or something. And for that, he'd need supplies, and some way to defend himself. There might be supplies in here.

Supplies. The word suddenly made him aware of the duffel bag on his shoulder. He'd been so preoccupied with leaving the depot and finding, well, anybody, that he hadn't even taken stock of what the terrorists had given him to survive. Besides the etch-a-sketch, of course. He remembered a green box of some sort, a compass and some kind of food bars. He hesitated for a moment before sliding the bag off his shoulder and sitting down against the left hand wall, careful not to take his eyes off the corridor completely. "Might as well know what I need", he thought, as he began a more thorough inspection of the contents of his duffel bag.
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