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"I don't know, Clarice. I really don't know other than that we will be cautious to not let this thing repeat itself. We don't want to get hurt anymore."

Conrad finished bandaging Clarice and thought for a bit before replying to the injured Clarice who was in pain. He ignored the workout comment, even if he was meant to laugh, be amused, smile - he was not in a mood to.

"Really, you sound like ibu could really help you. Even if it won't help as much, it certainly could make you feel better."

Looking around, Conrad caught an intruder. A sword appeared.

Was the attacker of Clarice following them?


It was Harold.

But, Harold held a sword, ready to slay them, if he wanted. His voice did not sound like that was the case, but...


Voices don't mean anything in this death game.

Conrad did not let his guard down. Conrad won't let Clarice let her guard down. Not after what had happened the last time they trusted someone with a weapon.

"We are not okay. She was injured about..." Hours? Half an hour. Half an hour sounds like a good time span to say. "half an hour ago."

Conrad replied to Harold. Quick, fast, short. Harsh. As if he was a doctor who treated Clarice. That was how he felt. And Harold came in, trying to help, interrupting them with a freaking sword.

He observed him. And if Harold did anything dangerous, Conrad would be ready.
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