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Dot sighed.

All the places on the island were places she didn't want to go. All of them were scary, unknown, dark, weird, nasty, dangerous, but the spot she was in right now. She didn't know the how the island looked, and she didn't wanted to learn about it. She knew she couldn't just ignore it and go blind into this experience but her stubborness got the better of her and she didn't pull out her map. She saw a glimpse of it though, the ocean and a bit of a staff block. She kinda wanted to go there. There should be beds and maybe running water, or she didn't read it well and it was just a block made of staves or something like that.

She wanted to stay silent. She wanted to say nothing that could sound sad like how she wanted to stay there and do nothing. Dorothy thought that was sad because that'd implied she would just die there, just stay there like a tree against the elements, getting rained on and maybe even hacked down at one point. Being a tree, despite the whole photosynthesis and living-for-a-long-time part, sounded rough. The whole depending on the right condition was annoying and the fact you could get eaten as a seed by something like a bird or rotten from the inside because of a parasite, but when you're set, you stay there. You don't move, you just look at the world grow.

There were trees that were older than her parents, grand-parents, great-grand-parents and so on, and she wanted to see them. Maybe there were some on this island? Really big trees like the height of a house and thick and all of that, were would they be though? This island had somekind of a depot, a staff block, and an asylum, if she understood Wayne right.

Wait, asylum. Maybe this was a loonie island? What could be on this kind of island? Still against the idea of looking at her map, she stood up. She wished she had read more about those kind of islands. She could have learned about their position and know what was on that island. In the end, she used her parents' collection of movies as a reference.

If it was like Alcatraz, there must have been a lighthouse. A lighthouse sounded like a nice place with the words ''light'' and ''house'' together. If they were lucky, they could even find out who took care of it before the island was abandonned. Unless the island was never abandonned and the residents just all died before they could leave and the terrorists just removed the corpses. The thought of burly men carrying body bags, knowing that her fate could literally be in their hand sent chills down her back.

However, she didn't know there actually was no lighthouse before she opened her mouth,

''We could like... go to the lighthouse or something? I don't know. For places, I don't want to go, well, I think that place where we were just earlier is my answer because of that guy.''

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