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He had caught her.

She felt his grip on her arm, the one with the spear. Her other hand fumbled for the glass shard. Kimiko didn't know what Cristóbal was going to do to her. In that moment her mind raced through all the things he could have done.

The panic overwhelmed her and she turned with the glass shard held tightly as if she was going to punch it with it. It plunged it into his flesh and Kimiko felt it puncture and pierce his skin, just below his ribs.

She saw his blood. It spilled out onto her hand and she yanked it back as if shocked by an electrical current. The glass shard still held tightly, her knuckles a bright white in contrast to the red.

His grip loosened, she pulled her arm free and without sparing a look back she ran for the door and out of the warehouse.

((Kimiko Kao continued Room of Relaxation))
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