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Mia waited patiently, eagerly even, for Al to reply to her, still staying outside the door on the off chance that she had misheard and it was a totally different boy with a similar voice inside. She was almost certain it was Al though. Like, 99.9% certain it was him. She liked to think she knew her friends well enough to identify their voices, after all.

As Mia waited, a twinge of sadness started growing inside of her, as she realised that if Al was in fact in that room, then… well, that meant he was here with her, on this island. It was a double edged sword on the island, being a popular girl with a wide circle of friends. She wanted nothing more than to see them here, to see Nathan again, to see people like Sandra and Conrad and Oskar one more time, just to make sure they were all alright. But all that would mean was that they weren’t all right, not if they were all on the island with her, and Mia wanted little more than for them to all be safe and sound back home.

If this wasn’t motivation enough for her to try and find a way off of this place, to escape, she didn’t know what else would be.

Gosh, Al was taking his sweet time in replying, wasn’t he?

Mia waited.

And waited.

And as the seconds went by, the sadness in her heart turned to fear. Maybe Al just hadn’t heard her. Maybe it really wasn’t Al and she was going to look like a complete idiot. But Mia just couldn’t shake the feeling that something wasn’t right here.

“Al?” Mia called out again. “Is something wrong in there?”

Mia stole a quick glance back at Candice, raising the gun slightly. She edged closer toward the doorway before speaking again.

“I’m gonna come in after 5 seconds, even if I don’t get an answer, alright?”

Mia slowly started to count down in her head.


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