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Jerry followed Michael to the tires. They looked old, very old. Older than the rest of the island. Maybe the people who lived and worked on the island bought too much stuff and ran out of budget for tires. They looked very kickable, too. Like those huge things you'd see MMA fighters flipped around and smack with a sledgehammer. It was apparently a good workout. His daydream went away when Michael started speaking about his plan. As Michael was speaking, Jerry just nodded and said a couple of ''hum.'' and ''oh...''.

Jerry felt uncomfortable by Michael's demand. He wanted his knife. Out of the situation, he would have gave it right away, but as he dug in his bag, he realized the meaning of that action. Giving one of his weapon to Michael meant he trusted him. Michael could just stab him in the back and leave, nothing stopped him. He would just walk away free and nobody'd care but for their parents and friends left back at home. Something else went through his mind, Michael had an axe all along. If he wanted to play the executionner, he would have done it in the pub when they first met. He clearly had the avantage against Jerry's knife.

Yet, he didn't and that puzzled Jerry.

He kept digging in his duffel bag until he wrapped his hand around the handle of the knife, and pulled it out. The knife seemed feeble. Was that the right word? The knife seemed not fake but weak. Something about the weight, about the plastic of the handle and the thick edge made Jerry curious. Maybe the ''shock'' part of the knife was the fact it was, well, that. If that was the case, he was happy he had another weapon. He cleared his throat and told Michael,

''There,'' as he handed the knife to Michael.

Speaking wasn't his forte, if he were to look badass, he needed to sound badass. Maybe he should work a bit more on voice projection or stop talking like had something covering his mouth.
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