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“Really?” Nate replied, looking past Matt at the now closed door. “Who is it?”

Nate returned Matt’s alarmed expression with a quizzical one of his own. Matt clearly hadn't expected to find someone else in the supply cupboard, but why did he look so freaked out by it? Someone else didn’t seem like something to be nervous about to Nate; quite the opposite in fact. He reached past Matt for the door handle, when the room's inhabitant called back out to them.

The voice sounded familiar, Nate realised, as he pulled the door open, calling back an “Ok!” as he did so. At this point, he was thoroughly distracted from any concerns Matt might’ve still had.

His eyes squinted in the darkness as the door swung open, the ill-lit room being just as advertised. The air was musty, something that Nate's nostrils picked up on straight away, and from what he could see the contents looked cluttered. Never the less, it didn’t take him long to spot the room’s sole occupant, and it took him no more time to recognise the familiar face.

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