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"Caleb, you're way too pessimistic. I mean, the likely hood is that neither of us will win, but on the other hand..." She drew out her sword from the makeshift belt-loop scabbard, and caught the light on the edge of the blade. "I've sharpened and cared for blades longer than you've jerked off for. All I need is a healthy glob of luck and I've got a chance."

She lay the blade out in front of her and brought her knees towards her chest, pulling her jumper over them as she did so. "Also, no bet. You're right." She didn't appreciate the tone, but under the circumstances, she could let it go. Her voice was a bit more sober, and her face had hardened, and she breathed out hard before continuing.

"I just really hope my Dad doesn't do anything crazy, y'know? He lost my mum when I was born, and now this. He's gotten worse as well. Stays indoors more often, doesn't talk to people. He's getting on a bit, I know that, but it worries me, y'know?"

She paused and glanced up to where Caleb was looking at the map. "What about you? Any Diamonds you want to stay safe back home? I don't really know much about your family to be honest..."
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