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This was true insanity. Cameron knew she was weird, different, a little off, and all those other phrases. But in those moments of raving about the government and false flags she got a glimpse of someone who had truly lost it and she knew that no matter how weird she was, she would never be on the same level as Tessa.

It was just nutso on so many different levels, none of it really made sense. At least not to Cameron, but she would admit she wasn't the smartest person ever.


She was being accused of murder.

Cameron froze like a deer in the headlights for a moment. Then Vinny gave punctuated their rant with the bluntest response imaginable and Cameron almost burst out laughing...not the best response ever. She put the back of her left hand up against her mouth. Only allowing a couple of snorts to fight their way out.

It was just the way Enza had told Tessa to shut up. It had hit the right note at the exact right time for Cameron. Sheepishly looking between the other three Cameron cracked a smile. Truly she was a social etiquette goddess.

"Sorry," She rubbed her face with her hands to get some semblance of seriousness back and considered her words carefully before responding.

"That theory's pretty fucking dumb."

Nailed it.
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