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Caleb turned around when he heard Maria speak. She was putting on a hat. He thought about how she could have benefitted from eating a few more sandwiches in her life. With someone like that, the wind would pass right through them.

Based on her estimate and how the sun was starting to dip towards the ocean, it was maybe 5 or 6 o'clock. He almost answered her derisively because it was the knee-jerk reaction, but the way she asked stopped him as soon as he opened his mouth.

There was an innocent simplicity in the question that made him contemptuous and envious. "You....you don't know people, then."

He got up and walked over to her and sat next to her against the wall. Caleb wrapped his hand around the metal collar hanging in front of his throat and pulled until it tugged against the back of his neck.

"This has happened five times before and every time, there's a massive slaughter. People are assholes and if they feel like they're allowed to be assholes, they will be. People are selfish and they're stupid., double for teenagers. I'd bet you a ration bar someone's already dead."

He pulled his knees up and let go of the collar. He mussed up his hair and and looked at the ground by his shoes.

"You don't feel like Sandy was about to snap? Looked like it. You can't trust anyone and we're both going to die. The sooner you realize that, the better."

Caleb pulled the map out of his pocket and studied the legend, looking up to see if he could match the features to what they could see.
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