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((Maria Cuccinotta continued from Among These Hallowed Halls))

That had certainly been an interesting experience, what with her being basially dragged along all the way from the asylum. Now that she was up here, she took a moment to look around, with the sea stretching out in front of them, the air gusting her hair all around her. Off behind them was the hunched shape of the Asylum, and it looked like there were more buildings dotted around the place as well. Really made you wonder what was so special about this island, and more to the point, where they were in the world.

She sat down by the wall and shoved her bag down, taking out her beanie to keep her ears warm. Up here, it was much chillier, so much so that any regret from her wearing warm clothes was instantly demolished in favour of an almost 'I told myself' sensation. She rubbed her arms and glanced up at the guy who had dragged her out here, noticing the little circular camera behind him as she did so.

"Caleb, what's with the panic? I mean, I get why, but it's not even been seven hours... Who's gonna snap in 7 hours?"

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