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Barry released his hands from their grip around the bell rope. He had held it so tightly that his palms were beginning to turn red and sting a bit from the friction. He shook them for the briefest moment in a vain attempt to quell the burning sensation. Now he understood why old shows about high school always portrayed the rope climb in gym class as something to be feared: because ropes hurt, especially when you suspend your weight from one.

When Jonathan announced his intention to head to the top, Barry gave him a thumbs-up and followed him up. Heading up there was actually a pretty great plan. Not only would they be able to see across the island, but they could probably flag down people who were walking by. Well, provided that those people could actually see or hear them. It was a pretty big island, and their voices weren't as powerful as the bell's chime. They would only carry so far.

Once they reached the top, Barry realized that the plan he had just come up with probably wouldn't be very plausible. They weren't even facing the rest of the island, so there was no way that they would be able to get anyone's attention from up there.

That didn't really bother him too much, though. The view from the top was amazing. The ocean stretched far beyond the horizon, the rays from the sun creating points of light that dances along the surface. The ocean was a reminder of how large the world really was, and how small of an area their island was in perspective. It represented many things: freedom, opportunity, and most importantly, life. When they escaped, they were going to cross that ocean and leave all of this behind them.

While Barry was admiring the view, he heard Jonathan start talking and turned around, assuming that he was speaking to him. His assumption was proven inaccurate when we saw Jonathan talking into his assigned tape recorder, making a not of their actions. Once there was a lull in the skater's speech, he took a step closer and leaned over, speaking loud enough to ensure that the tape recorder would catch his voice.

"He's right, you know."

With that, he turned right back around and continued to stare at the scenery, waiting for people to answer their call.
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