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Scarlett was bleeding out and she knew that she didn't have that long to live. Even though, she was fading into darkness. She could just make out that Aiden was crying. Over her. Scarlett could feel herself choking up a little. She never wanted to make him sad. She never wanted this to happen. She just wanted to be back at home. She could even deal with Aiden trying to flirt with her. She wanted to go back.

Scarlett smiled weakly as Aiden tried to lift her up. Telling her not to die. Pleading with her. But she knew that it was her time to go.

"A-Aiden..... I'm.... scared of d-dying.... But it was w-worth it to s.....save you.... I always liked you, y-you know...?"

Scarlett let out a weak giggle as she closed her tired eyes and her body was going limp. Her heart was fading away too. She let out one last breath.

Then she felt no more pain in Aiden's arms.

G014 - Scarlett McAfee - Deceased
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