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The Burned Handler
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I used to be a handler like you, then I turned into a horse.
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In the event anybody ends up needing replacing:

What days are you free, normally? Job hunting, so this might/will probably change soon! But I'm available most games.
What times are you free on those days, normally? Please use EST. 1-5 PM EST on Tuesdays, pretty flexible otherwise. Afternoons work better than mornings.
What's your experience with tabletop RPGs in general? None, but experience as player and GM in play by post.
Can you use Discord? We've talked on Discord!
Can you tolerate a nerd who really likes robots as your GM? This is acceptable.
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MurderWeasel getting impatient
Hiya, jerk! Please don't post until edits have been completed, as doing so causes confusion/messes up the queue.

18:48 Ruggawork I have faith in you!
18:48 Ruggawork and your ass!

16:35 Kilmarnock Maybe Iktor?
16:35 Kilmarnock Maybe Toben.
16:35 Kilmarnock hard to tell until they make out with me.
16:35 *** mib_6brm7d is now known as Irene

Things SOTFers say
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