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Wait. She fucked up.

"I mean, when?"


"Uh, hey Irene! Woke up near the bridge. Crossed it a bit later, saw a couple juniors and Alan, we made our way here. One said her name was Lily, other was that Scout something kid."

Oh yeah.

"Nice gun," Kaitlyn said.

Wanna trade, Kaitlyn didn't say. Yet.

She glanced over at Hannah, who was kinda geeky and weird but not all that bad, and Olivia, who she knew from around school but not much other than that. They were... at least a step above the last group of lumps she'd been with? Yeah, that. And Irene was always cool.

"And you guys got any better ideas or you just gonna fuck around, try to float away on one of those boats out there or something? Maybe like we know that already and there are like... plans within plans. You get the idea?"


Kaitlyn gratefully dropped the shield she'd still been lugging around on the sand. This cave or whatever was kinda nice. Maybe she could leave the shield here because she reeeeeeally didn't think she could deal with it much longer. She could stash it behind a rock and come back when she needed it. Not that Kaitlyn was gonna leave straight off the bat. Like she'd said, it was nice. No one here was much a threat. She could stay here awhile.

And plan.

Because she was starting to feel that chill deep in her stomach. Fear, maybe. Or just.... Kaitlyn couldn't quite find the right word for it. She glanced over at Irene's fucking beyond awesome gun. No, that definitely wasn't fear. Because Kaitlyn Greene would never be scared shitless of Irene Djejari, or her gun. And Kaitlyn Greene sure as hell wasn't scared of Hannah or Olivia. Alan, maybe?

Oh, piss out. Wasn't fear.

She'd have to mull on just what it was, then.

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