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Blow of two years of dust and ARISE.

- Florentina Luz was not intended to suck -

RIP. The crux of my Tina concept was a character whose character was the environment more than it was her thoughts or actions, but this proved exceedingly difficult to execute in practice and I was sort of scrambling to make something out her by the end. I mean I maybe could have even executed a half-baked, wishy-washy concept, but...

I just didn't plan well. Every single post was off the cuff and thus a clusterfuck of ideas I could remember and half ass, and days after the fact I'd be like 'shit I forgot [x] motif'. When a character is this purely prosaic the repeating motifs and symbols are probably key, but I just didn't keep track of them. Tina's mess of a story is the end result.

Long story short, Tina needs to be revisited in a Second Chances. I fucked up in a big way, and I'm not about to go back and edit all her stuff! What's done is done. Tina was an experiment, Tina was a failure, Tina was a lesson.

- The original plan was not for Tina to die to Isabel -

Isabel wasn't originally going to grab first blood. The plan I tentatively had was a sort of cheap twist where the girls would fight and then swap bags in the chaos as Tina escaped. Key to this is the scarf in the bag (at least if people can even figure out that it's a scarf given the dumbass prose), it was supposed to be like Tina's 'heart' or her 'ark of the covanent' or something else really important. Tina would never meet another Luz, and she would die shortly after and only in death realize she'd lost the scarf, the final blow to her that she wasn't ever able to protect her beloved Lily or ultimately even the sole token of her existence. Isabel would later casually notice the scarf while sifting through her own inventory and acknowledge it after the fact.

Note that Tina was originally not supposed to use religious imagery for describing Lily, I have no idea how or why that happened.

Ultimately this plan fell through because Alvania had the gall to go and get rolled and I decided Tina could just as easily die now as later. I think this turned out for the better! The original plan was probably less potent than what ended up happening. I think the scarf might still have a minor, relevant role.

- Florentina Luz would have had a brief, positive encounter before dying -

I was mulling over a transitional thread post-bag swap and pre-death, one where Tina's lack of speech would work in her favor for a change and let us see her in a more positive light (and more ridiculously awful prose!). Like, kind of as a solid seeming figure who's listening or the like. I don't know who I'd have put her with, just someone or another who needed a bit of calm/a sounding board? This was a really nebulous concept, but all the extra I had for Tina. She was intended to die early, even prior to me realizing I had failed with her.

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