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Aiden still held his hand out for Scarlett. He wasn't moving, not one bit. All he did was stand there and breathe and stare. Breathing with his mouth wide open, jaw trembling.

He heard another noise from behind Scarlett. Wet somehow, fucking wet, oh god - there was a fuckin' knot in his stomach and he felt like he had to throw up.

He got a glimpse of Nancy running away, a blurry blue flash. He didn't care. All he wanted to was just-

Scarlett was speaking. Her voice, her fucking voice, like she was hurtin' so damn much, like she was gonna- just, no, god no, why was this happening to them? To her? It was just Scarlett. Just sweet old Scarlett. Why her?

"Scarls, god, I-"

His voice broke and he tried to grab her arm, do something, do something to help her - but his fingers reached only the air and Scarlett collapsed right in front of him.

"No-" It hurt so much. His throat, his eyes, his fucking heart, it felt like he was going to die, like everything was fuckin' slipping away. He looked down at Scarlett and saw only a blur, his eyes coated by a curtain of tears. He hadn't even noticed he started crying.

He blinked, and when he opened his eyes again he was already on his knees. There was red leaking from her back. Everywhere on the ground. So much red, more than he ever saw before, so much he felt like he was drowning in it.

He looked at Scarlett's face. Her expression, her eyes, it just hurt; he had to help her, but fucking how, how was he supposed to -

"No, no, no, this isn't - hey, Scarls, hey!" His voice broke. "Listen to me, you can't-"

Aiden bit down on his lip, he was shakin' everywhere, head felt like it was spinning, like he was about to pass out - but he had to do something, stay focused, try and help Scarls, he had to help her, he had to help, he couldn't let her - Couldn't let her fucking die.

He reached out again, his hand shakin' so much he couldn't even describe it - he was so scared, scared she was going to just fall apart the second he touched her. He hesitated. One second, another, tears were running down his cheeks now.

"Please don't die, please!"

He took hold of her shoulder with one hand, his other hand reaching around her waist. He tried to pull her up. But there was just - so much sticky, red - so much blood.
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