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He saw the girl with the axe getting up. Nancy.

Her name just came to, but it didn't matter, he felt like he had already been kicked into the gut so many times at once that this little detail didn't fuckin' matter one bit.

She stammered something. He didn't pay attention to her words. It was hard enough to get his eyes off Scarlett. Her arm bleeding like that - she had gotten hurt, she had gotten hurt and it was all his fuckin' fault. He had let her go.

The other girl raised her axe. He didn't know why. He didn't know and he didn't want to know and he didn't want to be there anymore, he didn't want anything except time freezing or stopping or starting over or something he didn't even know - he couldn't think straight anymore.

Aiden put up his hands in front of his face, like a shield, like he could just make everything go away by puttin' his fucking hands in front of it. He tried to say something but whatever shit he tried to say was cut off immediately, all he uttered was a whimper.

He heard Nancy scream. Then heard her coming towards him, loud footsteps.

Scarlett. She was yelling things too, he couldn't hear it, he was too scared to focus on anything but his own fuckin' hands in front of his eyes.

Something moved in front of him. He had to look now. At least see what was coming.

Aiden removed his hands from his face and was now staring at Scarlett's. His instincts told him to go in for a hug or tell her that everything was going to be fine. But again, he couldn't utter a single fuckin' thing, his lungs were too busy struggling to get air into him.

And then he heard a weird noise.

Saw Scarlett's expression changing.

Saw her gasping. Eyes going wide.


He opened his mouth again, felt his eyes burnin' up and his throat tightening like he was about to choke.

"You - h..hey...c'mon, no. Please."
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