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Lily shut her eyes for a moment as the glass hit Tina’s throat. She didn’t see the moment of contact. What she did hear was this damp gurgling noise. She opened her eyes again.

Her mind had just come to a halt. Nothing but just… Tina. TinaTinaTinaTinaTina. Red spilling from her throat and soaking her clothes.

She shut her eyes again. Waited a moment. Opened them. Like it would undo everything. Her grip on the door loosened as she became more aware of the pain in her hand, slowly bring her back to reality—

The senior was… is… still there.

A sudden wave of fear overwhelmed everything else, submerging the shock and grief for now. Lily slowly let go of the door, hoping desperately that it didn’t creak shut on its own. She backed away.

She didn’t go far. Her legs were still shaking. Shaking more. So she just entered the next room. Half-collapsed next to the door. If the door opened, it would temporarily block her from view.

She raised the mirror shard. Waited. Hoping that the senior wouldn’t come this way.

Her face was damp.
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