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Well, here we go, attempt number two. Please let this work. No, this was going to work. Barry pulled the lever, the bell ringed, the world heard their voices once more. Once more will people flock to the bell tower, once more will their chances at escaping open. Once more...

Once more everything could go wrong. Barry was optimistic, and while Jonathan wished he could be, he had this growing feeling of doubt. In these few short hours, a lot had went wrong, and Jonathan was pretty sure it could get worse. But there was hope in that too, if they didn't do anything, it was definitely going to get worse. So a chance versus a positive of everything going down, well, they had to go with the chance. If they didn't do it, then it was positive they were going to die here, whilst by ringing the bell, it is now only a chance. A high chance, but still a chance none the less.

Jonathan's optimism returned in short waves, there was still that core of dread, but it didn't overlap the excitement of it all. The chance to be a hero, the chance to show them they could beat this. Jonathan needed some fresh air. He looked up at the second set of stairs above him, the ones leading to the bell and balcony up top. He wanted to see something.

"Barry, I think we got this, but could you give me a moment?" Jonathan pointed up the opening at the top of the bell tower. "I've never actually been to the top of one of these before..." It was rather dorky to say, and it caused Jonathan to blush, but it was true. He's never seen the top of a bell tower, but there was another reason he wanted up there.

He reached the top and looked down, it wasn't quite what he expected. It wasn't a ring with the rope dangling down the middle like the lower level, rather there was one balcony, a set of stairs, and a railed off opening to look out of. It faced away from the island, so the asylum was behind him, but it didn't matter, he saw what he was looking for. The ocean, freedom. Somewhere down there was home, and he'd see it again. Things would go wrong, there would be setbacks, but he would see home again.

He pulled out his tape recorder. He needed to document this.

"My name is Jonathan Gulley..." He didn't know what else to say, this was, well it was kind of hokey. "My.. no, errr.." Think of something, if Michael were here, he'd already have gotten a full monologue in with 'fuck' spoken in every other language except Portuguese. "I.. We." Jonathan knew what he would say. "I am Jonathan Gulley, and my classmates were thrown into the SOTF program. I will make it out..."

"No, we will make it out, all of us. We won't lose like the others."
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