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Scarlett saw that Aiden was now there and she wanted to let out a sigh of relief. But her arm was still getting to her. She had to get it sorted out. Stop the bleeding somehow. It felt like it was going numb. She couldn't even move it. Aiden was now shouting as well. She didn't even get a chance to respond to him.

She could only watch as Nancy was rushing forward with the hatchet. Towards Aiden. No, no, no! She couldn't let Nancy hurt him. She had to do something! She couldn't let Aiden die because of her. Scarlett would never forgive herself. Never.

"Don't.... Don't you dare hurt him!!" She screamed as she ran forward and she got in front of Aiden. She was facing him as she didn't want to look at the girl and she was now blocking the girl from getting Aiden.

Good. She was glad-

But then she felt something bury into her back. The girl's weapon. All Scarlett could let out was a pained gasp.

It felt unbearable.
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