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The information Cristóbal offered about who they had seen was good. They didn't seem to be in a high traffic area, which didn't surprise Kimiko. The warehouse while potentially useful probably put people off by only having one way in or out, combined with the lack of light and it wasn't an enticing place.

Kimiko nodded at Cristo's statement of what he planned to do, but didn't comment further upon his offer to join the two. She didn't know if that was what she wanted. Being in a group was good for safety on the face of it, but what if the stress of the situation got to Cristo or Abby and they killed her while she was sleeping? She knew it wasn't paranoia talking because the video they had been shown specifically hammered home that trust only got you so far.

A nervous pit opened in Kimiko's stomach as she shone the flashlight over some of the shelves. Despite wanting a plan ever since she had woken up and encountered Sandra, Kimiko was no closer to forming one. Half-ideas, only being able to be called ideas because they existed floated around in her head but offered no solid grounding in any merit. Just like her meeting with Sandra, Kimiko found herself agreeing with the idea of working together but being unable to commit herself to it.

Out of curiosity more than anything Kimiko shone her flashlight over a bag she assumed was Cristo's. There lying with it was a spear.

The nerves Kimiko was starting to feel were amplified by the discovery. A spear was better than her glass shard and it was far and away better than her megaphone.

Quickly looking over the shelves at Cristo, Kimiko considered her options. The phrase that had been in her head just after she had woken up returned.

She was starting to get an idea of what she wanted.

Taking careful, deliberate steps so as not to alert Cristo or Abby to what she was planning. Kimiko began to position herself so she could take the spear and run.
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