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The glass shard dug into Isabel's hand, her blood dripping down her wrist as she forced the shard closer and closer to Tina's throat.

Isabel could tell that Tina was already struggling to keep the glass shard away from her throat, and she wasn't even using both of her hands to force it down. She had already thought about doing so from the second she pinned Tina to the ground; if she was actually using both of her arms, Tina would already be dead. Isabel just didn't want to. For some reason, seeing Tina struggle against her and desperately try to keep herself alive made Isabel feel...

Isabel's thoughts were interrupted as Tina tried to shake her off again. Isabel reaffirmed her position, tightening her legs around Tina as she pushed harder on the shard, the jagged point now a handful of centimeters away from Tina's neck. Isabel had Tina completely at her mercy, and she felt... powerful. She had complete control over Tina's life, complete power over her. For the first time in her life she felt real control over something, for the first time she was asserting herself in something that actually mattered... and it felt good.

Isabel started smiling as her arm muscles strained to embed the glass shard in Tina's throat. She was enjoying this, she wanted to keep this going as long as she could. She wanted to keep this feeling of control and power for as long as she could manage.

Still, it looked like Tina was starting to give out. Figures that a shut in nerd would have no ability to keep up with someone athletic in a contest of endurance. Best to finish her off now and not wait for fear of some unexpected variable coming into play. She still needed to get this one kill so she could be certain that she could make it out alive later. That was the focus, that's why she was doing this thing that she was always told was terrible.

Then, Tina's arm finally gave out and Isabel's glass shard embedded itself in her neck.
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