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Brendan was relieved when he made it up the upstairs without falling down them like Jerry did. He made sure to be careful not to step in the puddle of sick and he moved around it. It actually made him feel a bit ill himself. Then he thought that pile made it clear that someone had been here before them. So they must have been long gone now. Brendan didn't know if that was a good thing or a bad thing. Maybe a good thing. He didn't really want to think about it too much. All he wanted to do is at least find weapons for himself and Nadia. He wanted the both of them to be safer with better protection. Jerry was fine with his own weapon anyway. So Brendan didn't have to worry about him too much. Although, Nadia was unarmed and Jerry was armed. What if....

Jerry is going to kill her, Brendan. You know that he will and then you will be next-

Brendan shook his head and he frowned in dismay. He couldn't get this paranoid. Otherwise, he would suspect everyone of being would-be killers. That wouldn't be fair. He knew it wouldn't be. He can't be too untrusting. But he can't be too trusting either. He knew that. He could give others the benefit of the doubt. But then he couldn't really make any of the others trust him.

Brendan did a once-over over everything in the rooms. He was feeling frustrated as he found nothing of use. Then he looked at the window. Glass. Glass would be a very helpful weapon to defend himself with. Would Nadia go for it too? He glanced around the bedroom and he felt lucky when he saw a chair. It looked dusty and rotting. But it was better than nothing. He picked up the chair and he took a deep breath. Before swinging it towards the window.

Their Time Is gone

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