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((Caleb Diamond continued from Among These Hallowed Halls)

The pair had put some distance between them and the decaying asylum. Once he was out in nature, Caleb felt a little better. He was still constantly afraid someone was going to jump out at them at any time and do something horrible. Caleb was not a fan of Halloween haunted houses and the entire island felt like a jump scare waiting to happen. Only if someone grabbed one of them, they'd get more than a scare.

Once they'd left the asylum the supply depot was visible in the distance. The map that was inside their bags showed there was a helipad which would allow them a good vantage point of much of the island. The stairwell they approached on the side of the building had a picture of a helicopter on it with an arrow pointing skyward.

They climbed the stairs and emerged on the large, flat top of the helipad. The carcass of a helicopter was teetering on the edge of the roof. Caleb sat down on the edge in the direction facing away from the small bay formed by the other two sides of the island. He sighed and looked out at the endless shimmering blue expanse. No boats, no buoys, nothing. He'd never seen anything like it. It was ocean for as far as the eye could see until the end of the world.

Caleb took his beanie off and the nautical wind brushed his bangs into his eyes and then away again. Some hairs stuck to the semi-dry blood.

"We can stay the night here I guess," he said quietly. "The only entrance up are those stairs, so no one's gonna sneak up on us. I'll post by the door and hear if anyone comes up."

Talking about night reminded him that he didn't have his insomnia medication. He'd be an excellent night watchman.

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