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It was Tina.

Lily had turned back. She crept back, reached the room and slowly--hopefully silently--opened the door just a crack. Just enough to get a clear view of Tina and... she didn't know. A senior. Vague memories of the senior saying something dripping with mockery.

They were fighting. When Lily first peeked through the gap in the door, Tina was winning. Had won. Lily had nearly called out. Because she couldn't trust much, but Tina? The idea of her cousin--the cousin she'd snuck out to the desert with, that had never treated her as weak--hurting her... it didn't even process.

But Tina didn't finish the job. And now the senior... she was going to win. And Lily could see it already. That this girl would not fail where Tina had.

Lily could do something. She had to. She... she couldn't let Tina--

She pushed open the door further. Plans formulating in her head. Attack from behind. Stick the mirror shard in the girl's back. Grab Tina. Run. Solve the rest of the game together--

There can only be one winner.

And so Lily froze. Hand gripping the mirror shard, her other hand gripping the door. She didn't even notice the pain where she'd sliced her hand earlier, as her palm dug into the door's edge.

She did nothing but watch.
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