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I used to be a handler like you, then I turned into a horse.
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Roderick had seen some nice cars around Kingman, primarily because the Kanuho residence was in one of the nicer parts of town. In fact, there was a BMW parked just a bit ahead of his Challenger right now. However, most of said nice cars probably belonged to meth dealers. Or city government, so basically the same thing. There wasn't much love lost between the Kanuhos and certain members of the local government, due to his father's job. No outright hostility, but he'd met the county attorney and his family once at a dinner, and the reception had been a little frosty at best. The police and sheriff weren't too fond of people whose jobs it was to keep folks out of jail, either.

With a little nod, he gently shut the passenger side door behind Nadia and circled round, settling himself in and putting key in ignition on autopilot. His Challenger came alive with a great roar which judging by the sudden halt to the creaking and moaning briefly startled the lovers behind them, and soft classical music came through the radio and to his ears. Some people complained that kind of music would put them to sleep behind the wheel, but for Rod, it relaxed him just enough to really get into the drive.

"You can change the station if you want, up to you," Rod noted, just in a little show of consideration to Nadia given he had no idea what kind of music she was into. Who knew, maybe through her pick he'd learn a little something about her, or at least get a new conversation topic. She could do or say whatever she wanted, the next several moments were all on his mirrors as he backed away from where he was parking and tried not to bump into the lovers' car, then slid into drive and inched out of his spot.

From there, smooth sailing around and down the hill. He took it slow and gentle, this wasn't a race and she didn't seem like someone who'd be impressed by tearing out of here at a hundred miles per hour.
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