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More yelling. Oh for fuck's sake, what was going on, why did it have to be that way? Had it been only one scream, then maybe, just maybe he coulda bought she just hurt her foot or something. But it was more than that. But it didn't matter. He was gonna make sure Scarlett was alright, he couldn't fuckin' break his promise. She had to be okay.

The voices were so close now. More than just Scarls, someone else was there, some other girl, that's what it sounded like. His heart was beating so fast it was killin' him, not just because of the running, he was fuckin' scared out of his goddamn mind. Just, just-

He turned the final corner and he immediately spotted two girls. One was Scarlett.

The other was holding an axe.

It was the first thing he noticed about her, only thing that even mattered at all other than her being on her knees or her goddamn hair being all blue. She had an axe, a fucking axe or hatchet, whatever, but-

His brain was still processing that bit when he saw Scarlett, really saw Scarlett. Saw her holding her arm, with red leaking out- Oh god, oh nonononono, what the fuck, no. This wasn't happening. Jesus fuck, this wasn't happening.

"Shit, what the fuck?

It was all that was in his mind, all that he could say. Or yell.

Aiden recoiled at the sight, instinctively took a step backwards and put his hands up. This couldn't be real. He had to be dreaming, fuckin' nightmare messing with his head; had to finally wake up from this crap, this was too real to be fucking true!

"Goddammit Scarls, what the shit is going on?" He was practically screeching.
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