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i'm not upset
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"...you callous bitch"

Whoever was on the other side of the room was not happy and seemed to be incredibly tense. However, not-that-person came over to Caleb and started asking him questions peppered with jokes and smiling widely. Caleb thought maybe he had concussion and he was hallucinating before remembering that hallucination wasn't typically a symptom of concussions. So the bad news was that Maria seemed to not understand the immediate danger. The more bad news was he'd have to figure out if he had concussed himself.

"Diamond," he croaked.

Caleb reached up to his head. Pulling his hand back, he saw he was bleeding from the forehead. Caleb leaned as far as he could to see past the book shelves and it looked like the irate customer was a boy, staring total venom, holding a makeshift explosive. So the situations was thus: angry boy with explosive who was unhappy with Maria, who doing nothing to mollify him. If anything, Caleb imagined her flippant attitude probably made Sandy want to kill her even more. Current objective: get out of the building without Sandy setting them on fire.

There was the place he'd just come from which was some kind of emergency stairwell and then presumably whatever main entrance these two had come in through. Going back to the stairwell seemed like a bad idea because what if he just threw the explosive in after them? Caleb looked down.

This is the stupidest fucking idea I've ever had in my whole life, which is really an achievement.

He tucked the mask into his pocket and started gathering gathering up pieces of web that had the most critters and gathered up spiders into his right fist. He stood up and grabbed Maria's hand with his left hand and slowly moved around the bookshelf towards Sandy.

"Uh. Hi. So it looks like things are a little heated in here just going off what I heard when I came to. We're just going to leave you here, with your best friends, the books and-"

Caleb threw the handful of spiders at Sandy and took off running with Maria.

((Caleb Diamond continued in Survival Strategy ))
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