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Maria was just about to leave when she heard a creaking, cracking sound, followed by what sounded like somebody falling through the roof. She peered around the bookcase that had divided her from seeing what caused the noise, and saw Caleb, bruised and bashed, but very much alive. Her eyes widened and she jogged closer to him, just as he started to slough off the cobwebs that had accumulated from the fall.

She gave out a loud whistle to signal her being there, and walked right up to him, before kneeling down so they faced each other face-to-face. "Hey, hotshot, that's not the way to make a proper entrance. You're suppoded to avoid getting a concussion, not tumble straght into one!" She grinned, actually happy despite the situation. Sure, Caleb wasn't in the best of shapes, but it was somebody she fucking knew at the very least and that was all that mattered.

"Talking about concussions, serious here, what's your full name?" She started to brush off some of the cobwebs from him, trying to ignore the fact that he was litterally coughing up dust.
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