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He should have stayed.

((Alvaro Vacanti, continued from Hideaway))

There were people back there. People who he could have trusted. Danny. Audrey. They helped him. Even though he was injured and barely able to move and even though he had lied to them they had helped him. He didnít know why. They didnít know him. They didnít know why he had gotten his injuries, so why did they help him? Why were they friendly with him? He knew that there were people who saw the best in everyone and were friendly to everyone they came across but now that they were here why would they act the same way? If only one could survive, why did they pick him up when he fell down? It had to mean something. He didnít know what that something was but there had to be a reason for why they helped him. Why they were friendly to him. Why Audrey was beingÖ what she was being for him. It had to mean something. He didnít know what, but he knew it did.

He didnít know whether it was a good or a bad thing, too. Did they mean it? Or were they using him? Were they actually his friends, or were they just the people who associated with him because his family owned a cafe?

He didnít know. He should have stayed. Maybe then he could have found out. Maybe then he could have ran if it turned out it was a bad thing. He didnít really know how good that was as a plan but he knew it didnít really matter. He left. He couldnít go back.

He stopped. Breathed. In, out. He knew that it would have been a better plan than what he had figured for himself right now. He had heard a bell. It had made him run. It caused him to run from the two people who seemingly trusted him and he knew that that was a mistake but it was what he had made and he knew that no matter how he felt he couldnít really do anything about it. He was stillÖ something. Tingly. Wary. Scared. A remnant from when he had first heard the bell brought back up the second time it rang. That was what had caused him to come here. He didnít know. He justÖ wanted to see, or something. Who. Why. If it was a friend heíd come out but if it wasnít heíd try to get away as fast as he could. He nodded. It was okay. He knew that he should have stayed and he knew that doing that was better than what he could think up of right now but he knew that it was better than having nothing, at the very least. So he moved. Again. Up the final part of the stairs.

The shuffling of footsteps could be heard behind the door.
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