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Scarlett was terrified as the girl fell to her knees and starting yelling at her to shut up. She didn't want to be near this girl anymore. She had harmed Scarlett badly. And she hated how much it was hurting. Scarlett wanted to cry. But she couldn't yet. First she had to leave.

Scarlett didn't move as she could hear footsteps. What if it was Aiden? She couldn't go running off again. What if this psycho attacked Aiden instead? Scarlett couldn't risk it. So she stayed where she was. Staring down at her attacker.

"....You're...." Scarlett's voice was trembling and she didn't have the courage to say what she wanted to say to the girl. She didn't want the girl to lash out at her.

Scarlett's arm was killing her. She might have something in her bag. But she didn't want this girl to hit her again. So she just stayed still and waited to see if the person coming was Aiden. She would make a promise to him that she would never run away from him again if it was him.
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