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Isabel swung hard and fast, a mere second in between each swing arc.

Isabel's swings missed as Tina dodged out of the way and Isabel misdirected her movements. She just needed to get this one kill. This was where she would get the one kill she needed, and she didn't need to kill anyone else afterwards. She could live with just one person's blood on her hands. All that mattered was getting out of here alive. There's nothing wrong with wanting to live, and if she was going to live, everyone else had to die. One of them by her hand. This was okay to do, she told herself. With every swing she needed to repeat her motivations. This was it, this where she would get her one kill. Tina had to die anyway, would it make any difference if it was by her hand and not by someone else's?

Isabel missed Tina's torso by an inch, she had Tina on the ropes. She brought her arms back and put all her strength into another swing, shattering Tina's elbow when she blocked the attack in desperation. This was it, an injury like that wasn't an injury that someone would easily recover from. Now all she needed to do was-

Tina's pole-arm struck Isabel directly in the head, a sickening crack echoing throughout the abandoned halls. Isabel fell to the floor, her side pressed against the wall while her flail skid a meter and a half away. She clutched the side of her head, trying to make sense of her surroundings. Tina had probably given her a concussion, her addled thoughts managed to piece together. There was no way she was going to be okay after this. Tina was going to kill her now and her effort would have been for nothing.

Isabel felt a tug from her bag's strap that she had slung over her shoulder. She opened her eyes only to see Tina desperately trying to get the bag off of her. She wasn't going kill Isabel, she was going to take Isabel's stuff and leave her for dead. Despite the fact that Isabel had started all of this, she felt like Tina had wronged her. Tina had injured her, and now was trying to take her stuff. In her first moment of lucidity since being hit, Isabel grabbed a glass shard off the ground near her and screamed at Tina, before tackling her to the ground.

Isabel brought the glass shard down, aimed at Tina's neck, before her wrist was grabbed and held back by Tina's unbroken arm.

"You no good lousy bitch! I'll teach you not to mess with me!"
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