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Barry removed himself from the railing he had been clinging to and rubbed the area on his back that the old iron had been pressed against after he was shoved into it. It was a little sore, but he figured that the pain would subside in a master of minutes. Besides, he had been hurt worse before. This was nothing.

Jonathan proposed the idea of ringing the bell again. Barry knew that there were advantages and disadvantages to this plan. True, the bell had drawn them to the tower in the first place, so they knew that they had a chance to gather people with it. Problem was, as they had just learned, some of those people might not be the most trustworthy folks around. It was a matter of weighing the good with the bad. They had a tool at their disposal that could be incredibly useful for their stated goals, but was it worth the risk? Barry rested his elbow on the rail and mulled it over for a minute or so. He tapped his foot sporadically, causing a rhythmic echo in the tower. When he came to his decision, he stood back up and looked to Jonathan with a smile.

"We should ring it. It's gonna be worth it."

Barry walked up the rest of the stairs and looked at the bell. Despite its age, it was still a rather impressive piece of architecture. It was the beacon that had brought him and Jonathan to the tower, and now it was once again going to play a similar role. It was more than just a bell, it was a symbol. This moment marked a turning point for himself and Jonathan, he could tell. They were taking charge of their own destiny now.

He reached up and gripped the rope tightly with both hands, looking straight up at the underside of the bell. He stood on his toes for a brief moment to give himself a little extra leverage, then yanked on the rope with all of the strength he could summon, dropping himself into a squatting position as he did so in order to put more weight into his pull.

The bell's mighty chime rang out once more, announcing their presence to the island. Barry, still with his hands on the rope, turned back to flash a huge grin at Jonathan.

He had a really good feeling about this.
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