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Lizzie smiled at Harold. Yeah, that was what she wanted to hear. She wanted to know she wasn't alone in being scared. She wanted to know that there was someone else with that desperate, stomach-deep exhilaration at the prospect that she could die at any moment. She wanted to know that there was someone else who had realized...

Had realized what?

"Iím going to end up killing someone. I donít know who. I donít know when. But itís going to happen. Iím notÖ Iím not dying here. I canít. IíveÖ"

Her eyes flashed towards Astrid, widening in shock.

"I can't die yet."

Harold and Ty made to leave, They seemed to share her apprehension, her revulsion, towards Astrid. Harold said as much. Said everything she was thinking.

But Lizzie couldn't let them go that easily. Her head was too full.

"Hey, guys?" she called, when they were halfway out the door. "Just...you know..." She felt color flushing, her eyes flashing between them. "You're good people," she said. "Like...like, really good." Her eyes rested on Ty. "Remember that, okay? Just...whatever happens. You're good."

Silence, as the boys left. Silence, as Lizzie ignored Harold's good advice. She was staring at Astrid.

"Yes," she said. "You can. We can." She felt oddly calm. She didn't even feel the need to laugh. She was just watching the other girl, the girl so determined to live she didn't hear how terribly idiotic she sounded.

"Doesn't matter," Lizzie said. "You saw that room. We're all here. Lotta people are gonna think like you. You gonna kill them all?"
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