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Jonathan had blacked out.

Those last 30 seconds his mind was elsewhere. He stood there, staring where Clarice used to be. Suddenly, it was empty again. Just him and Barry. Again they were alone, it was as if fate had planned for this. Jonathan walked over to the railing of the bell tower and looked down. He felt like he was watching his plans fall down the pit. Like that, in one moment everything went to shit. Jonathan wanted to reach out, he wanted to grab it. He wanted to fall with it.

No. Not yet. They could deal with this, they can work around this. Not everyone is going crazy yet, right? There had to be something they could do, something they could try. Maybe if they ringed the bell again, someone else would come? He had to think.

"I... Well, I don't know. There's, well I just don't know."

What about the bell though? Would people come? Were people coming now? Did just nobody care, and they were already planning on getting themselves off the island the only way they know how?

Jonathan had to do something, maybe he should ring the bell again, maybe it might work. But he had to see what Barry had to say first.

"I don't suppose we could try to ring this again?"
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