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A place to rest.

[Lili Williams continued from Consuelo's Departure]

The twin dorm buildings were just across the road from the warehouse. Lili had decided to go in that direction when she stepped through the gate, figuring that each building would have many rooms inside to hide in. Approaching the two buildings, she could've made the mistake of thinking the two were identical. When she got closer, however, she could see a chair on the lawn just outside the one on her right, along with splintered pieces of a bed not too far away. Signs of a scuffle. Lili silently decided to go towards the other building.

She was only a few paces away when she realized she might have made a mistake.


On instinct, Lili raised her nightstick in front of her, grabbing it in both hands. She was glad that she hadn't decided to put it away in her bag earlier - unzipping it and fumbling around for a weapon would reveal where she was.

Someone was looking through the building already. From the sound of their words, Lili could tell that the speaker was male, which she considered as putting her as a disadvantage. She was already weaker than around half of the girls at Cochise, so going against a boy, who were more often than not stronger than her, wouldn't be worth the risk. But what if he was friendly? More importantly, what if he was someone Lili knew? If she did know who was inside, then Lili could potentially gain her first ally. Plus, she doubted that the boy inside was looking for someone to kill: anyone snooping around for that reason would probably have been more quiet.

Lili tip-toed over to the open door, and peered around the side.

A boy was standing in the hallway, more than likely the sound of the voice she heard earlier. She couldn't tell who he was, because his back was turned to Lili, whi-

"I'd be much more careful with who you approach from behind in the future."

Lili froze, and moved back behind the wall, careful to keep out of sight. It took every ounce of willpower she had to stop from twitching nervously, so as not to make a sound, but somehow Lili managed. She decided to stay put for the time being. Once the coast was clear, and the boy was out of the hallway, she would move in. For now, she was stuck outside the building.

A place to plan.
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