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Ugh, why her? Was it really asked too much for her to get a lucky break for once; this whole thing just screamed 'rigged' in her face. Of course she had been the one to wake up next to Caedyn. Not only that, but now she also had to deal with Oskar's goddamn ouchie, forcing her to stay near that bitch for brains even longer.

Jane inhaled deeply, trying to calm herself down. Fuck, she had to pull herself together. Had to ignore Caedyn trying to push all of her buttons. She had to be strong now, fucking cliché as that sounded. Even with how horrible all of this shit was and with how much she didn't want to admit to herself how scared she was, she had to try and stay confident. Somehow. And the best way to do that, was to demonstrate she was above those taunts. That she could keep a cool head. Keep calm and take care of Oskar, that was what she had to do. He deserved as much.

She looked down at his leg, stepping closer to him. It didn't look dangerous or anything, but it prolly didn't feel very good. Yeah, that shit had to sting. She had been there herself, knew how much that sucked. Back then, when she had been bawling her eyes out over it, her grandpa had always taken care of it for her. Then eventually taught her how to treat it herself. And now she could finally put that to good use on someone else.

"Yeah, let's see what I can do here." Jane nodded, then looked back over her shoulder for a short moment to make sure Caedyn wasn't trying to pull any funny moves. Nope, just sitting there in the dirt where she belonged. Satisfied, she turned her attention towards Oskar again, giving him a slightly inquiring look.

"Don't mean to sound like a jerk, but you don't mind if I use the stuff from your med kit for this, right? I mean, I figure we all got one with us in our bags and I might still need mine for myself later on, so...you get that, right?"
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