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((Aiden Slattery continued from Needles and Pins))

Goddammit, goddammit, goddammit, where the everlovin' hell had she ran off to? Felt to him like he was runnin' in circles, like he was part of some huge fuckin' joke that sent him round and round and round without him ever getting anywhere. Like, fuck.

Who'd have known Scarls was a speedy one like that? Had maybe twenty seconds or so on him back when he went after her, to be sure. Should have been no problem for him to catch up to her, but he didn't and everything was just totally sucking and - god, if only those fuckin' bells hadn't started to ring, all could have been fine! Yeah, not totally fine, far from it, but -

Aiden heard a scream.

No fuckin' mistake about it, that was definitely a fuckin' scream, close by, scary and terrible enough to make him stop dead in his tracks for a second.

He came to a slithering halt, his heart having skipped a beat. It took him no more than that, he was scared, he was so fuckin' scared, because, why the fuck would-
Another scream. A shriek. From a girl, again.

No, fuck no, no way in hell was any of that happening.

Why was he hearing that? That had to be wrong. It wasn't right, so it had to be wrong. Just had to be.

An image of Scarlett appeared in his mind, followed by more flashes of her, just random pictures flickering in his head like a movie reel had started dying - no, no fuckin' dying, why the fuck was he even thinking about that?

He started running again, took a turn, towards where the voices came from. This was so familiar. Same thing as earlier. Voices in the distance, him running through hallways, running and running until he found the origin of the voices. That had been how he found Scarlett earlier. That was how he was gonna find her again. And then all would be fine.
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