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Scarlett could hear footsteps approaching towards her direction and all she could do was just stand there. What if the person was armed? What if she was in danger? She had to stop thinking like that. She couldn't be suspicious of everyone. She didn't want to think of anyone being bad here. Not even her friends. Not Lizzie. Not Jerry. Not Aiden. Heck, not even Danny.

Scarlett blinked as a girl came around the corner. Scarlett was about to say something friendly to her. But she held her breath for a moment. As she saw what the girl's weapon was....

....A hatchet.

Scarlett was startled as the girl screamed at her. Then the girl swung the weapon at her. Scarlett tried to dodge out of the way. But she was too slow as she didn't have that much time to react to the girl's sudden attack. She cried out in agony as the hatchet connected with her left arm and she stumbled backwards a little. The pain was unbearable.

Blood was dripping down her arm and her blazer and shirt had been torn around her arm. Scarlett couldn't believe what had just happened. This girl just attacked her out of the blue! She glanced down as droplets of her blood dripped onto the floor. Scarlett was breathing more heavily as she could feel herself starting to panick. Was she going to die here?!

"W-Wha.... What the hell is wrong with you?!!" Scarlett shrieked at the girl, trying to cover her bloody arm with her hand. She was shaken by what just happened to her.
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