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((Samuel Howard continued from Lone Wolfe))

Samuel left the asylum behind, and crossed a bridge to another part of the island. He came to another cluster of buildings, and for good measure, he took refuge in the one farthest from the bell tower.

And god damn, this one was trashed. Broken windows, beer bottles, and bird shit was everywhere. This wasn’t the ideal place to rest, but he didn’t think he could walk any further.

Samuel lingered in one of the ruined kitchens, sitting on a countertop and taking a swig of a water bottle. All this walking had gotten him thirsty, and quenching it was probably one of the last joys he’d have before he’d die.

The crossbow in his lap. He’d loaded it on the way here, and he’d also parsed the manual it came with. It was a lot of technical jargon he didn’t absorb enough of. It shouldn’t even be that hard to use: the only thing he had to learn was how to load it. Then he could just point and shoot. Guns were probably more complex than this, and Samuel bet there was already someone out there gunning down his classmates.

That was another thing. There were probably people out there playing already, and somebody was already dead. It was sad, but inevitable. He just hoped Penelope was alive somewhere.

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