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Hazel was way too fast.

Sure she was a runner, but did she really need to go that fast?

Jordan could only follow along at his own walking pace, only catching up with her several seconds after she stopped near the girl who had fallen down the slope.

The girl's face was familiar enough for him to know that he should recognise her from somewhere, but he didn't. He couldn't. Was she a senior? There were too few people in school he really knew.

She didn't exactly look like she was fine either. It didn't look like she was seriously injured, but the slope was steep and she'd fallen quite a distance. At least her comments proved that she was conscious, even if he couldn't empathise with her sense of humour.

Hazel seemed to sense his discomfort, turning back to give him a rub on his arm. Jordan was surprised at the unexpected touch, feeling blood rushing to his cheeks, and all he could think about was how much of a stereotypical teenager he was being. It was just a touch after all. It was just a friendly gesture. There was no reason for him to be reacting like this at all.

He turned his attention back towards the other girl instead, hoping that carrying on like nothing was wrong would make it right.

"Was it-" he paused for a second, struggling to make coherent sense of his thoughts. "Did someone do this to you?"
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