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The door opened with a slight creak, though he had almost expected that. This place was anything but in good condition, he couldn't help but wonder how long it had been since it had last been in use by the actual staff. Then again, he had no idea what had happened to any of those people either, chances were, they had been slaughtered by the terrorists, executed just like Mr. Graham.

Slowly, the room behind said door was revealed and Maxim's initial impression was that it was just as barren and devoid of life and fantasy like the rest of what he'd seen so far. Walls that were grayish enough for him to wonder whether this was by design or if grime and dust had painted it that way over time.

His eyes kept scanning as he took a step forward into the room, discovering nothing much of interest; there was a single bed sans sheets with a nightstand next to it and a door in the back corner, which he suspected lead to a bathroom of some sort. Either way, it was clear and as such-

Somebody was shouting. Maxim heard a distant coughing, then the voice again, louder this time.

He had to think quickly, make a decision on the spot. He could not immediately identify the voice; it was male, without doubt, but that knowledge didn't really help him much. It would have been easy to turn around and spot the person in question; judging from the direction of where it came from, the guy had just come through the main entrance.

But he was already within the bedroom, hidden from immediate sight. And he'd prefer it to stay that, as long as he didn't know who the boy in question was. But the door. The door, it was still open, plain as day for the new arrival to see, goddammit. Closing it now was a huge risk, it would probably creak again and give him away immediately.

It was only a matter of time before the new arrival came in and discovered him, he had potentially lured himself into a dead end. He had to improvise.

He turned himself around by 180 degrees, now facing the open door from within the bedroom. There was no suitable hiding spot in there. The bathroom maybe? But he didn't even know if it really was a bathroom, maybe it was a storage closet, maybe it didn't even open at all or - either way, he had to try.

Taking heavy breaths, Maxim slowly moved towards the door in the far right corner of the room, keeping his eyes fixed on the opened one the entire time.
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