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((Matthew Moradi continued from Dear God))

Matt was still uncomfortable with the idea that he was being watched. Of course, it had only been a few minutes - not even close to having enough time to come to terms with this kind of thing - but he'd been mulling it over quite a bit during the walk to the asylum.. he was hoping his parents weren't watching. That was his one wish, if he was going to die here: that he could die somewhere his family wouldn't see him. And, if Lady Luck were feeling particularly kind - don't laugh - that he could die quick and painlessly.

Until today, he'd never really thought about his mortality. Today was a shit day to start, he thought.

Common sense winning out in the end, the two came into the asylum - the closest thing to a good hiding spot on this rock - and they began to wander around. It was a good place to think, he supposed. Better than the chapel, anyways. He was too busy looking around for cameras to give much thought to whatever had gone on here so many years ago.

Nate pointed out a storage closet.. of course, a storage closet! Maybe there'd be something useful in there!

"Oh, man.. good thinking." Matt moved to open the door. He was hoping there'd be something useful inside, thought he wasn't entirely sure what. His hopes were high.. he almost felt a touch of excitement.

Matt opened the door. A person was inside. "Oh." was all he could think of saying.

Matt closed the door, fast, and looked at Nate. Panicking came secondary to fear, of course.

"There's someone in here, dude." If Matt's face were the cover to a book, the cover would have no title - instead, it would be a picture of someone who seemed just one step removed from shitting themselves.
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