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((Nate Turner continued from Dear God))

Nate and Matt’s hike from the chapel to the asylum had managed to be quiet, which was quite impressive in itself considering where they were. There had been the unmistakable ringing of the Asylum’s bell, not that Nate had ever heard it before, but the two had more or less glossed over it. Nate was far too wrapped up in his own panic to think too hard on such things.

He still felt nauseous and horrible, failing to stop gripping his arms as needles pressed on the back of his eyes, but the fresh air was helping. The two didn’t really talk about very much, but that was ok. As long as Matt was next to him at the time, someone to keep him company and share his emotional burdens, that was enough to help Nate. How much he could help was relative given the circumstances, of course, but Nate appreciated it oh so much all the same.

They’d finally decided to enter the asylum itself, rather than hang around outside forever. Nate really wanted to sit down somewhere, and a look at the asylum map had lead them to consider the staff area. There was a lounge up there, and doctor’s offices, so maybe they had aspirin (of which Nate was unaware that there was a supply in his medkit) which he could use to alleviate panic-induced pains that were coursing through him.

So the two had trekked up to the second floor, the asylum appearing just as creepy as you’d expect an old building full of the mentally ill to be. He might’ve thought on all the patients and what living there might’ve been like for them, but he was far too exhausted for imagining much of anything. Checking the map as they walked, Nate called Matt to stop outside the storage closet, a likely home for medicine.

“Should we look in here? Maybe we’ll find something useful.”
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