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(Ben Lichter continues from Exhausted)

Ben was looking for people. He knew it was a bad idea, looking for the one thing that could reasonably be expected to kill him, but he couldn't shake the feeling that he really needed to talk to someone. Besides, he thought, most people know it's wrong to kill. Everyone he remembered from Cochise knew that. Sure, there were some bad eggs he had heard about - some kid who hunted coyotes, he seemed to recall, but even they... His thoughts trailed off. That mute girl, she'd been quick to find a weapon. It might have simply been for self-defence, he thought, but he had extreme doubts about that. Picking up a stick, or a pipe, or something - that could qualify as taking a precaution, but meticulously crafting a blade? Now that seemed like an idea from the mind of a cold and calculating killer.

He thought on this as he walked from the vehicle depot to a building on the other side of the tarmac. He crossed diagonally, instead of going straight across to a mirrored but otherwise identical building. He himself didn't know why he did this, but he was hesitant to go inside again and felt better prolonging his being outside. A fleeting image of someone chasing him down a cramped and dark hallway made him shiver. Even if being in the open made him a target for people with guns, at least he might try to dodge, out in the open, he hoped. Besides, what were the chances of there being more than one killer amongst his fellow prisoners? Kim..whatshername had a knife, after all. Given that fact, he'd really prefer staying outside where he could see her coming.

There was only one problem with that, he acknowledged silently, as he plodded along autonomously towards the building: There was no one else outside, and if he wanted to find someone else (and he really, really wanted to at the moment), he'd need to have a poke around in a few of the buildings. So, with a lump of dread in his throat, he opened the door.

"Hey", he coughed, then tried again. "HEY! ANYBODY THERE?", he called, hoping it would be enough to warrant an answer.
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